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The Best A&P IA’s in the Business

JB Aviation’s Aircraft Mechanics

JB Aviation’s aircraft mechanics are not only the best A&P IA’s in the business, they are also pilots and aircraft owners just like you. They know what it’s like to own and operate an airplane in general aviation, and their goal is to help you make educated, safety conscious, and cost-effective decisions.

Their passion for aviation is what has built their reputation in the industry with everyone from casual weekend aviators to competition aerobatic pilots. They specialize in single/twin engines, radials, aerobatic, seaplane, and turbine maintenance. They are also certified JPI installers, and they offer prop balancing, avionics, and almost any other specialty maintenance service you might need.


  • Single Engines

  • Twin Engines
  • Radials
  • Aerobatic
  • Seaplane
  • Turbine
  • Prop Balancing
  • Avionics


Brian Spiro is an A&P/IA that started working at Galt Airport in 2006 and took over managing the aircraft maintenance shop in 2007. In 2011 he co-founded JB Aviation with Justin Cleland and has been running the maintenance shop and helping maintain the airport ever since. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida and has a private pilot license and an instrument rating. Brian spent time as a crew chief for a professional airshow team.


Charles Henkel came back home to Galt Airport in 2014. He worked in the aircraft maintenance shop at Galt Airport for six years from 2001 to 2007. In-between, Charles has managed several flight school maintenance programs at Chicago Executive and Westosha Airports and traveled with Duncan Aviation performing jet engine replacement and maintenance on corporate aircraft. He has a bachelor’s in Aviation Management from Southern Illinois University.


Stephanie McClellan is the Maintenance Shop Administrator. She first realized her passion for aviation while taking an aviation class in high school. She was interested in becoming a pilot and began taking flight lessons at JB Aviation. She was hired by the Aircraft Maintenance Shop in June of 2019. She purchased a Cessna 150 project. When not working, she is working on restoring the entire plane and making it shiny.


2021 Annual Flat Rate Estimates

Shop Rate $97/hr
Champ/Chief $1055
Citabria/Decathlon $1055
17-30/31 Viking $2360
Musketeer/Sundowner $1550
33/35/36 Debonair/Bonanza $2605
55/56/58 Baron $3135
60 Duke $1070 +TM
76 Duchess $1070 +TM
50 Twin Bonanza $1070 +TM
140/150/152 $1380
170/172/175/177 $1550
180/182/185 $1950
177/172/182 RG $2350
180/185 $1950
205/206 $2050
210 $2605
310/337 $3430
340/402/404/414 $1270 +TM
421 $1270 +TM
415-C $670 +TM
AA-1 $1550 + TM for nosegear
AA-5 $1550 + TM for nosegear
AG-5B $1650 + T&M for nosegear
M20 $2985
J3/J4/J5/ PA 18 $1055
PA 20/PA 22 Tri Pacer $1550
PA 38 Tomahawk $1550
PA 28-100 Series Cherokee/Warrior/Archer $1550
PA 28-235 Dakota $1950
PA 28R Arrow $2350
PA 32-260/300 Six $2050
PA 32R-300 Lance $2530
PA 32-301 Saratoga Fixed/RG $2050/$2530
PA 24-250/260 Comanche $2530
PA 44-180 Seminole $3135
PA 23-150/160/250 Apache/Aztec $3430
PA 30/39 Twin Comanche $3250
PA 34-200/220 Seneca $3135
PA 31-325/350 Navajo $1270 +TM
PA 600 Aerostar $1270 +TM
Yak $670 +TM
Su-29 $670 +TM
Stearman $670 +TM
T-34 $2305
Swift $2050
Ag-Wagon $2050
Rockwell Commander $2605
Maule $1950
RV – 1 Seat $1380
RV – 2 Seat $1380
RV – 4 Seat $1550
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