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Have you ever wanted to fly an airplane?

Whether you are interested in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or you are considering getting a pilot’s license, a Discovery Flight is the place to start.


A Discovery Flight gives you a no-obligation introduction to flight training.  At $95 your first flight lesson will be something you’ll never forget!

Begin by meeting your instructor, discussing the 30-minute flight, and conducting a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft. Then it’s time to take to the skies!

After your flight you’ll debrief with your instructor, ask any questions you might have, and learn about the process of becoming a licensed pilot. Your flight will also be recorded in a logbook for you to keep.


Give the Gift of a Discovery Flight!

A Discovery Flight is one of the most unique gifts you’ll ever give. To purchase a Discovery Flight,

• stop by our office (8am-5pm seven days a week).
• give us a call (815) 648-2433 and we’ll mail you a certificate.
• purchase online (information below).

We fly seven days a week, all year round and can accommodate almost any schedule.


What Does it Take?

Learning to fly an airplane is a rewarding and exciting experience. We take great pride in JB Aviation’s unique private pilot curriculum that breaks the process down into three manageable phases.

In the Phase One, you will master the fundamentals. On the ground, you will learn how the flight controls work, how the power plant operates, and how to thoroughly inspect your airplane before each flight. You will spend time in the maintenance shop looking under the “hood” of your airplane. In the air, you’ll learn how to take-off, climb, turn, descend, and land the airplane. This phase will culminate in your first solo flight.

Phase Two is all about “spreading your wings” and beginning the “cross-country” portion of your training. You will navigate to new airports, learn about weather, aviation regulations, performance calculations, and even visit airports with control towers. If you have a specific mission (like flying to your cabin in Wisconsin), the preparation begins here. This phase culminates in a series of solo cross-country flights.

Phase Three is a review of everything you learned in Phases One and Two, as well as intensive, ground school preparation. This is where we’ll get you ready for your “check-ride” since you conclude this phase with your pilot’s license in hand!

Flight Training FAQ’s

How long will it take to get my license?2018-03-26T18:36:27-05:00

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time to earn your Private Pilot License. It is absolutely possible to earn your license in the minimum time, but there are a variety of factors that affect the amount of time it will take.

First of all, increased training time very rarely has to do with flying ability or aptitude. Certainly, natural ability plays a role, but extended training times are almost always related to scheduling and studying habits. So much of learning to fly, especially at the beginning of training, is “muscle memory”. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you fly at a minimum of once a week, but 2-3 flights a week is ideal. The more often you fly, the more forward progress you’ll make each lesson. Extended periods of time away from the cockpit may require that a lesson or concept be reintroduced, and practiced again.

If flying that often isn’t possible, don’t worry! We’ve had plenty of people over the years that were only able to fly once or twice a month. They all got their licenses too, but in those cases it took a little extra time to complete the training.

Getting your Pilot’s License also requires some home studying on your part. None of the material is overly difficult or time-consuming, provided you keep at it a little every day. A few pages of reading each night goes a long way in saving you time and money! JB Aviation has a full Private Pilot syllabus with everything you’ll need to read and know throughout your flight training. The syllabus is available online so you can track your progress, prepare for your next lesson, and be ready for each flight. As long as you keep up, you’ll stay right on pace.

How are flight lessons structured?2018-03-26T18:36:49-05:00

Generally, you will schedule a 2-hour lesson with your instructor. This provides adequate time for a pre-flight briefing, a one-hour flight, and a post-flight review. In most cases, you will be done with your lesson in a little less than 2 hours, but we like to schedule a little more time in case you have any questions, or there is the need to talk a little longer before/after your flight. Airplanes are rented by “Hobbs” time, meaning you are only paying for the airplane when the engine is running. Your instructor is only billing you for his/her time when they are teaching. So, even though you may have a 2-hour block of time scheduled, a standard lesson will generally only cost you one hour of flight time, and an hour (or maybe a little more) for your instructor.

What about Ground School?2020-06-30T12:27:44-05:00

All ground school needed to earn your pilot’s license is contained within our flight training syllabus. JB Aviation’s Flight Training Syllabus is accessible online through an account you will receive once enrolled.

If you’re looking for additional structure, JB Aviation offers a traditional style group ground school class designed specifically to help you pass your FAA written test. For additional details about this 11 week class and start dates, please call 815-648-2433.


What can I do once I get my license?2018-10-16T14:21:26-05:00

Fly an airplane! As a licensed pilot, you’ll fly a single-engine airplane and passengers, day or night, to just about anywhere you want to go. There are some restrictions for weather (and you can’t offer your services for hire) but you’ll learn all about that during your training. If you’re wondering about how long it will take you to get to common weekend getaways, here’s an idea of an average flight time in a Cessna 182:

Door County – 1 Hour, 15 minutes
Minoqua, Wi – 1 Hour, 45 minutes
Wisconsin Dells – 40 minutes
Indianapolis – 1 Hour, 15 minutes

The freedom to head out of town for a weekend can truly be realized when you have access to an airplane. And just like your flight lessons, you’ll only pay for an airplane when the engine is running.

Is there an age limit to take flying lessons?2018-03-26T18:38:08-05:00

No. You can take flying lessons at any age. The FAA does require that you be at least 16 years old to fly solo, and 17 to get a license. In our experience, full-time flight lessons aren’t usually productive until the student is about 15 years old, but we’re happy to teach anyone, at any age.

Can we fly in the winter?2018-02-08T17:39:49-05:00

Absolutely! Airplanes get warm inside just like a car. You’ll find the cabin to be plenty warm during a winter lesson. Since we will always do a preflight inspection on the airplane before each flight, you’ll need to dress warm enough to be outside for the time it will take to accomplish that. Otherwise, airplanes actually LOVE the cold, dense air of the winter. They perform best when the air temperature is cold. You’ll learn all about the science behind that during your training.

What is a “Medical”?2020-08-06T12:52:33-05:00

If you’re interested in getting your Private Pilot License, you will need to have a routine medical examination by an FAA approved doctor, or AME. You don’t need a medical prior to starting training but you should get it shortly after starting lessons.

If you have any questions about your ability to pass a medical examination, please speak to one of our instructors before scheduling with a doctor. In some cases, failing a medical exam may cause you to be unable to get your license.

Dr. Lesser
Crystal Lake, IL
Dr. Ostrom
Elgin, IL
Dr. Cassidy
Twin Lakes, WI

How much will flight training cost?2020-08-07T11:09:45-05:00

One of the most common questions asked is “What will it cost to get a Private Pilot’s License?” It’s pretty straight-forward, really:

Private Pilot Cost Breakdown (JB Flight Club Member)
Dual Flight (20 Hours FAA requirement) $3840
Solo Flight (10 Hours FAA Requirement) $1320
Flight (10 additional Hours) – Dual $1920
Books (estimate) $200
iPad (NOT “wi-fi only” model) *varies
ForeFlight *varies
Written Test Prep Ground School $450
FAA Written Exam Testing Fee $165
FAA Medical (estimate) $100
FAA Practical Exam Fee (estimate) $500
First Year of Club Dues $730
Total (40-hour Private Pilot) Estimate $9225

Airplane rental cost: $132/ hour (club rate) and $162/ hour (non-club).
Flight Instruction: $60/ hour
*Cost for iPad and ForeFlight will vary depending on model or version chosen

How can I reduce the cost of flight training?2020-07-01T09:12:57-05:00

We offer a “Pre-Pay Bonus” for flight training and aircraft rental. Pre-pay $1000 on your account in cash or check, and we’ll credit your account an extra $100! That’s about an hour of free airplane rental in our Cessna 172’s or Cherokee 180!

Joining JB Aviation’s Flight Club is another way to save money over the course of your flight training. There is an initial due of $180 which includes the first month, and then club dues of $50 a month thereafter. Club members save $30/hr on aircraft rental. Fly at least 2 hours hours per month and your membership will pay for itself.

Scholarships are also available through our local EAA Chapter 932. For more information visit EAA932.org

Flight Training Scholarships
How do I get started?2020-07-01T09:16:34-05:00

JB Aviation offers a 30-minute introductory flight lesson called a Discovery Flight for $95. You can purchase one today by clicking the Buy Now link below. To schedule your Discovery Flight call 815-648-2433.

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Online Ground School

Our ground school is designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass the Private Pilot FAA Written Exam. This online class will meet weekly, for 11-weeks, using Zoom.

Additional Classes To Be Announced

Meet Our Flight Instructors

All of us at JB Aviation take great pride in your flight training. Your flight instructor will help shape your aviation future and inspire you for a lifetime of accomplishments. We are certain you will enjoy the training you’ll receive. If there is ever any way we can make your flight training experience better, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to make sure you become the best pilot you can be. Thank you for choosing JB Aviation, we look forward to seeing you around the airport soon!

Josh graduated from the University of Dubuque with a Bachelor of Science in Flight Operations. He became interested in flying in 5th grade when he was able to sit in the cockpit of a charter jet and saw the world from a different perspective. Now, he is a Commercial Pilot Single and Multi-Engine Land with Instrument Rating as well as a Certified Flight Instructor.
Beth has had a passion for aviation since childhood and she has been flying for over 23 years. She learned to fly in Addison, TX, and earned her Commercial, Instrument and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) ratings in Waterloo, IA. When she is not working she enjoys flying her Mooney M20J on cross country trips with husband Eric. Beth enjoys sharing her love of flying with everyone from new students to experienced pilots and she currently teaches JB Aviation’s Written Test Prep Ground School.

Adam started flying when he was a teenager after his grandfather convinced him to try it out. He loved it and decided to start training. He managed to solo on his 16th birthday and then got his driver’s license later that day. Adam graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management and Flight from Southern Illinois University, and is a Commercial pilot single- engine land airplane and, Certified Flight Instructor with an Instrument rating.

Dave earned his Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, and Commercial License with JB Aviation Flight School. After earning his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and instrument instructor (CFII) rating, he began instructing for JB Aviation full time. Dave worked in the construction business for over 10 years before deciding to change careers in order to pursue his passion for aviation.

Emmet graduated from Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania with a degree in Marketing before deciding to move to Chicago and pursue a career in aviation.  He is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Instructor (CFII), and Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI).  Emmet is a former wrestling coach and enjoys teaching.  He’s excited to help others reach their aviation goals.

Flight Training Dick Wydra
Dick is a retired Firefighter who has been flying airplanes for over 50 years. Dick has a wide range of aviation experience, but has a particular passion for flying (and instructing) in tailwheel aircraft. You may have seen him around Galt flying his Maule or Piper Cub. He is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and instrument instructor (CFII).
Flight Training Marty Seitz
Marty is a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and instrument instructor (CFII). He has significant general aviation cross-country and instrument experience. He has an electrical engineering and technology background with extensive business success managing the development of wireless radio communications products.


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