Newest Flight Instructors- Borys and Andy


The last order of business is to make a couple of introductions to you. Late last year Borys Pawlowski came on board to JB Aviation as a part time flight instructor. Borys is a full-time dispatcher for United Airlines and also offers training for the FAA Dispatcher certificate. The second introduction is to Andy Preidis. Andy came on board to JB Aviation this week as a full-time flight instructor. Andy comes from Eastern Michigan University where he went through their flight training program and then subsequently began instructing his classmates at the University. Both Borys and Andy look forward to flying [...]

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Rental Aircraft Rates


As with any business, our Flight Club has faced some substantial increases in overhead to start the New Year. Because of this, we will be raising our hourly rates on the rental aircraft. Beginning January 1, 2018 the hourly rates on our 172s, Cherokee, and Citabria will increase from $106/hour to $115/hour (club rate), and from $136/hour to $145/hour (non-club rate).

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