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Selling Cessna 182 (N31AJ)


We will be selling our 182, N31AJ. The 182 is up for sale for a few reasons. The first is that over the last year its rental frequency has declined substantially. We asked many of you why this was, and found out there seemed to be more interest in other types of aircraft. So, if that’s what you want… that’s what we’ll do! In 2018, we are planning to cycle at least 2 different airplanes on-line throughout the year for our members to scratch the “different kind of airplane” itch. Whether that’s a Mooney, Saratoga, Bonanza, etc. we’re open to ideas. [...]

Selling Cessna 182 (N31AJ)2023-02-28T19:07:44-05:00

Selling Cessna 172 (N78303)


First, in the next few months, we will be selling N78303. N78303 is a great airplane, and has served us well, BUT we have purchased another 172M that will be put on the flight line this spring. We will still have 3 172’s… but they will now ALL be M models. This continuity across our fleet is a goal we’ve had for a long time - and we’re excited to finally be there!

Selling Cessna 172 (N78303)2023-02-28T19:07:45-05:00


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