One of the most common questions asked is “What will it cost to get a Private Pilot’s License?” Here’s an estimate based on our rates:

Private Pilot Cost Breakdown (JB Flight Club Member)
Dual Flight (20 Hours FAA requirement) $4600
Solo Flight (10 Hours FAA Requirement) $1600
Flight (10 additional Hours) – Dual $2300
Ground Training $1250
Books (estimate) $200
iPad (NOT “wi-fi only” model) *varies
ForeFlight *varies
FAA Written Exam Testing Fee $165
FAA Medical (estimate) $150
FAA Practical Exam Fee (estimate) $650
First Year of Club Dues $730
Total (40-hour Private Pilot) Estimate $11645

Our airplanes rent for $160/ hour (club rate)
Flight Instruction is $70/ hour
*Cost for iPad and ForeFlight will vary depending on model or version chosen
** Dual flight is with an instructor