How much insurance should I get?


You are responsible for any damage you may cause to the aircraft up to the deductable of our policy, which is the $5000. We recommend, but do not require a non-owned physical damage policy for a minimum of $5000. Our aircraft insurance company could subrogate/sue if they determine you were negligent, in which case you could be held responsible for all physical damages to the aircraft including the entire hull value. Our most expensive 172/Cherokee has a hull value of $80,000. You may also want to consider a bodily injury/property damage policy. This will cover damages outside of the aircraft. You'll [...]

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How do I get insurance?


Many options exist for “non-owned” or “renters” insurance policies. You may want to start with AOPA via their website:, or call them at (800)622-2672.

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Am I covered under JB Aviation Management, Inc.’s insurance policy?


No. JB Aviation’s aircraft insurance policy protects only JB Aviation and does not extend coverage to any student/renter. Although not required, renters and students at JB Aviation's Flight Club are strongly encouraged to carry their own insurance policy, including both liability and hull damage.

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