How do I get started?


JB Aviation offers an introductory flight lesson called a Discovery Flight. It is the perfect opportunity to fly an airplane and get all your flight training questions answered. You can schedule by calling 815-648-2433. The cost is $120 and the lesson will be recorded in a logbook for you to keep and the time counts towards your license. Contact Us

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What can I do once I get my license?


Fly an airplane! As a licensed pilot, you can fly a single-engine airplane and passengers, day or night, to just about anywhere you want to go. There are some restrictions for weather (and you can't offer your services for hire) but you'll learn all about that during your training. The freedom to head out of town for a weekend can truly be realized when you have access to an airplane. You can rent the airplane you learned to fly in, and just like your flight lessons, you'll only pay when the engine is running.

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What about Ground School?


All ground school needed to earn your pilot’s license is integrated within JB Aviation’s flight training syllabus. Our syllabus is accessible online through an account you will receive once enrolled. If you’re looking for additional structure, we offer a group ground school class designed specifically to help you pass your FAA written test. For additional details about our 7 week class and start dates click here or give us a call at 815-648-2433.  

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How are flight lessons structured?


Generally, you will schedule a 2-hour lesson with your instructor. This provides adequate time for a pre-flight briefing, a one-hour flight, and a post-flight review. In most cases, you will be done with your lesson in a little less than 2 hours, but we like to schedule a little more time in case you have any questions, or there is the need to talk a little longer before/after your flight. Airplanes are rented by “Hobbs” time, meaning you are only paying for the airplane when the engine is running. Your instructor is only billing you for his/her time when they are [...]

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How long will it take to get my license?


The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours of flight time to earn your Private Pilot License. It is absolutely possible to earn your license in the minimum time, but there are a variety of factors that affect the amount of time it will take. Increased training time very rarely has to do with flying ability or aptitude. Certainly, natural ability plays a role, but extended training times are usually related to scheduling and studying habits. So much of learning to fly, especially at the beginning of training, is “muscle memory”. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you fly [...]

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