Additional Purchases


Things you’ll eventually need: Third class medical (your instructor will explain how, where, and when to get this) Student Pilot Certificate (your instructor will assist you with getting this) Headsets (you’re welcome to use our loaners for as long as you like but you’ll probably want to get a pair of your own) As you progress through your training, you will need to purchase a few more items from our pilot shop. Your flight instructor will let you know when it’s time to get them. The total cost of all of these items combined will be less than $150.

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Payment Options


Payment for you flight training can be accomplished in a couple of different ways: You can pay after each lesson (cash, check, or credit card) You can put the lesson on account and pay each month (we’ll mail you a statement on the 1st) The most commonly used method is pre-paying on account. If you put $1000 on your account (cash or check only), we will credit your account an extra $100!

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Purchases to Get Started


After your first flight, you’ll need to purchase a few things from our pilot shop: The Jeppesen Private Pilot Textbook ($93.04) The Airplane Flying Handbook ($21.35) A Logbook ($13.86)

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Your First Lesson – What to Bring


A good pilot always uses a checklist, so here are a few to get you started: On your first flight lesson please bring the following: A valid U.S. Passport OR a United States birth certificate and driver’s license (The TSA requires that we confirm you are a US citizen before beginning flight training.) Please dress according to the weather. We will spend some time outside for the first few lessons inspecting the airplane, so we don’t want you to be too cold or hot!

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Knowledge Exam


Along the way you’ll also need to pass a Knowledge Exam, more commonly referred to as “the written.” You can study for this at home by yourself, with the assistance of your flight instructor, or in a more structured environment through our 8 week ground school course. Our ground school classes run year-round, and will ensure that you are ready to pass the test.

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Flight Training – PHASE 3


The final phase of your training will be a review of everything you learned in phase one and two as well as an intensive ground school preparation. This is where we’ll get you ready for your “check-ride.” The final phase concludes with your pilot’s license in hand!

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Flight Training – PHASE 2


Phase two is all about “spreading your wings.” Here you’ll begin the “cross-country” portion of your training. You’ll navigate to new airports, learn about weather, aviation regulations, performance calculations, and even visit airports with control towers. If you have a specific mission, (like flying to your cabin in Wisconsin) we’ll start working on that here. This phase culminates in a series of solo cross-country flights.

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Flight Training – PHASE 1


In the first phase of training, you will master the fundamentals.   On the ground, you’ll learn your airplane inside and out. How the flight controls work, how the power plant operates, and how to thoroughly inspect your airplane before every flight. You’ll even spend a couple of hours in the aircraft maintenance shop looking under the “hood” of your airplane. In the air, you’ll learn how to take-off, climb, turn, descend, and ultimately land the airplane. This phase will culminate in your first solo flight.

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