Calling All Time Builders


We have received many phones calls asking about block time in our airplanes. So you have asked and we are listening! Give us a call to reserve either a 50 hour block or a 25 hour block in our Cessna 150. Block rates as low as $60 an hour dry. Dry rate is the rental right minus fuel and oil. Fly where you want to fly, just top the airplane off when you get back. Must have at least your private pilot single engine land, a valid medical certificate or BasicMED, and complete a checkout with an instructor.  

Calling All Time Builders2021-07-14T14:37:34-05:00

FAA Removes Requirement of Complex Aircraft CFI & Comm Pilot Checkrides


This week the FAA published FAA Notice N8900.463 which specifically addresses a change in policy in the Commercial Pilot ACS and the CFI PTS documents to allow for completion of a practical test without requiring demonstration of a complex aircraft on certain tests.   This represents a significant change of interest to flight training providers. While the changes to the ACS and PTS documents in no way (at this time) eliminate the regulatory requirement for training toward a rating or certificate in a complex aircraft or the completion of an endorsement for such a certificate, it does eliminate the requirement to [...]

FAA Removes Requirement of Complex Aircraft CFI & Comm Pilot Checkrides2021-03-08T14:14:24-05:00


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