How can I reduce the cost of flight training?


We offer a “Pre-Pay Bonus” for flight training and aircraft rental. Pre-pay $1000 on your account in cash or check, and we’ll credit your account an extra $100! Joining JB Aviation’s Flight Club is another way to save money over the course of your flight training. There is an initial due of $180 which includes the first month, and then club dues of $50 a month thereafter. Club members save $25/hr on aircraft rental. Fly at least 2 hours hours per month and your membership will pay for itself. Scholarships are also available through our local EAA Chapter 932. For more [...]

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How much will flight training cost?


One of the most common questions asked is “What will it cost to get a Private Pilot’s License?” Here’s an estimate based on our rates: Private Pilot Cost Breakdown (JB Flight Club Member) Dual Flight (20 Hours FAA requirement) $4600 Solo Flight (10 Hours FAA Requirement) $1600 Flight (10 additional Hours) - Dual $2300 Ground Training $1250 Books (estimate) $200 iPad (NOT "wi-fi only" model) *varies ForeFlight *varies FAA Written Exam Testing Fee $165 FAA Medical (estimate) $150 FAA Practical Exam Fee (estimate) $650 First Year of Club Dues $730 Total (40-hour Private Pilot) Estimate $11645 Our airplanes rent [...]

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